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I’ve been on the move lately without much chance to update my blog.  Guess I'll be a little scarce between now and next week. 


In the meantime y'all stay happy and well. Take good care of y'alls Humans.  I know y'all  will have a very Merry, Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all!
   Hawk aka BrownDog


P.S.  Below I share Christmas’ past.  Those are my very own Christmas cards from my very own Human cousin in Colorado!  Thanks again Auntie T!



Me with my very own Christmas card!      '


Here's a yummy fell out.


Hawkeye with his Christmas card from our nieces Chessie in Colorado.

* * *

We had an ice storm on top of our snow Wednesday.   The higher mountain gaps were closed to traffic.   We had to cross the mountains Thursday and yesterday.   Strangely it was much warmer up here than in the valleys.  There were hairy moments and I got to go in case the Humans couldn’t make it back home in the evening.  Weather makes for some beautiful mornings! 

enjoying the sunrise    dawn's early light


clouds like a roll of cotton

* * *



Hi Y’all!



Wednesday the sun actually smiled its blinding light on me.


* * *


The high yesterday was 14 degrees Fahrenheit.  The conditions were not fit for man, woman or beast.  Power outages were caused by the 60 plus mph winds.  We lost power as temperatures plummeted to 11 degrees last evening and wind chills…well the feels like was too cold for even this beast.

 Dec 13 am blizzard conditions      Accurate snow measurements are impossible.  As you can see much of it has blown into drifts and the rest has blown off our ledge onto the road below.  You can’t tell if the snow is coming down or coming across or blowing from higher elevations . 


I hear from our friends The Thundering Herd that they are having a blast! 


Meanwhile, my friend Riley, got cheated!  And out in the Rockies where you would expect them to be buried…K and R are enjoying the scenery still waiting for the big one. 


Now for travel warnings.

ThinkingThe roads here are covered with ice and snow.  The snowplows do what they can, but the temperatures are too low for snow melts to melt.  Don’t venture out unless you have four wheel drive. 


Time for a nap…the cold weather is exhausting!

 Resting after battlin' the snow and wind

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