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What a wonderful week this has been!

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Yesterday we went to the creek walk and checked things out.  There were several dogs there, but no time to meet and greet.  Today it was still raining on the mountain, so off to town we went to walk along the creek again. 

First, I got to ride in the people-mobile.  I never get to ride in it because my crate won't fit on the back seat, so I have to ride loose on the seat. My human mom is afraid I'll get hurt if there is an accident, whatever that is, so she argues to take me in the big car or the truck that hold my crate.  I have to sit at all times when I'm in the people-mobile.  The great thing though is that my humans put the window down enough that I can get my nose out!  Wow!  the greatest smells!  I never knew what other dogs were talking about riding with their heads out!  My mom won't allow my head out.  She's afraid I'll get something in my eyes or get an ear infection.  I don't like ear infections because then she gives me pills and puts stuff in my ears.  Yuk!

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