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It just keeps getting better and better!

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Yep it just keeps getting better and better!

This morning we did our early walk and a short training exercise and then in to breakfast.  After the humans ate, to my surprise, we went out for a great run at my favorite spot.  Didn't see any other dogs or people though.  I was surprised because last night I helped my human mom pack my stuff and put things she wanted to take to the mountain house into the car.  Then we went home and I napped until afternoon. 

After the humans ate lunch it was everybody back in the car!  I enjoyed the drive and got to get out and investigate at a couple of different spots from our usual.  The shadows were different because we usually travel early in the day, so everything looked so different.  The longer we drove the cooler it got.

It was dusk when we got to the mountain house.  It was cool and flowers long bloomed and gone at the other house were just blooming. Wow!

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