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What a wonderful day today was!

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Yesterday was a great day, even if it did rain most of the day.  We managed to go for a walk, although the humans held it to a mile and three quarters because thunderstorms kept running around the waterfront and we didn't want to be out in one. 

A big cold front came through yesterday evening and this morning it was just below 60 degrees. My human mom took me for a dawn walk and played ball with me.  After breakfast we went out for a brief game or Frisbee then I got in my crate in the back of the car and prepared for another, longer walk than yesterday. 

Was I surprised when my humans decided it was cool enough the snakes and gators wouldn't be that active.  I got to do my running and exploring, although my humans made sure I stayed away from spots where snakes might be warming up and didn't let me go into the water there because gators are prevalent there. 

I was disappointed that we were so early no one else was about.  I always hope to meet and greet others on this jaunts.

I listen good when the humans blow the whistle.  One blast, I look at my human mom for instruction.  A recall pipe and back I go to her and she always gives me a treat.  Anytime I go back to her she has a treat ready for me, even if I wasn't called.  I like getting treats.  She does the treat to encourage me to come back often and check in, I know that, but I like the treats so it works.

My human dad is always surprised when I'm ready to go again after a nap.  I must have run a good five miles today.  The vet says I have great lungs, so I recoup quickly.
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