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Well here I am back at the waterfront.

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It was a really fun trip today!  We got up the usual time, but it wasn't long until my suspicion that we were traveling today was confirmed.  Humans are no good at keeping secrets, or sneaking out.  My humans don't even try.  They know they can't fool me!

Here I am all mounted up!   

My human mom made me learn to use a ramp! Like an old dog!

We went round all these winding roads...you get the best smells!  It sure doesn't give a guy much of a chance to rest! 

After awhile the smells grew more familiar and I knew we were heading back to water...When we stopped at a couple of the rest stops where I get out and check things out, I knew we were back on the old familiar road...Soooo, I curled up and went to sleep...I was worn out from the morning wanderings. 

Finally!  we got home and I got to run around and play with my favorite toy.  I'll show you that later. 

After super I got my favorite Kong.  When I finished I wanted another, but my humans said no.  Well there was this piece of fancy soap left lying outside the guest room door...on its way to the guest bathroom.  So I took it into the living room while my humans were busy.  It didn't taste very good.  I was glad that my human mom found me pretty quick.  I don't know why I kept holding on to it, except I wanted her to think I really liked it...but it was awful! 

I'm tired...so I'm going to go out and go to bed.  Sleep tight friends!
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