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Ho ho! 

We've been watching some Mallards teach their babies how to swim.  The parent ducks keep the babies all herded together and in the thicker part of the wetland reeds.  My humans aren't sure how many babies there are, but I think there are four. 

The man came today and sprayed for fire ants.  I got one on me on our walk last night and my human mom got a couple on her leg.  My humans said they never saw a dog kick like a horse before.  My human mom pulled up her pants and ripped off her shoes and socks while hopping around smacking at her ankles.  Since I can't pull up my hair or take off shoes and socks, I resorted to kicking my leg out sharply.  So we were all really glad the man came to spray, even though it means I'm limited in where I walk and I can't run and play on the lawn. 
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