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I found another blogging dog...lots more actually.

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Here at the shore I only play outside early in the morning or late in the evening...but never in the heat of the day.  This leaves me with time to check things out on the Internet.

Several of my friends are Golden Retrievers I train with one too.
  I think of them as "goodie, goodies".  My humans say it is "goodie two shoes"...but we have four feet and no shoes...  Goldens have to do everything just so...like those stupid poodles...They think they are sooooo smart...  Don't they realize that it is our place to keep our humans in line and constantly challenge them!!  Humans get bored if we do everything they want, just as they want. 

Anyway, this is a neat blog written by a rescue dog and humans who foster rescues.  http://mogley-adogslife.blogspot.com

Anyway, it was neat to find other dogs who like to blog.
I think you'll enjoy it. 

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