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Left the mountains in time to miss the cold and snow.

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Hello friends!  Back here at the shore enjoying the warm sun...not!

    I am having a great time!

My humans keep me inside with them unless they are outside also...so I'm in air conditioning unless we are out doing fun things...and trust me, I'm not outside in the heat of the day...

Here I am doing some FUN things!

  When morning temperatures are over 60 degrees I can't run free here along the river because of the alligators and snakes.  At home my humans put some smelly yellow stuff along the waterfront and under bushes.  They say snake don't like it and will stay away.  I know I'll be safe.  It's been a couple of days since I could play here because the cold weather that was supposed to go all the way to someplace called Florida never really came, so morning temperatures have been too warm.
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