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My Birthday!

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I know ya'll are holding your collective breaths waiting to hear all about my birthday, which was yesterday. 

Yesterday was a FUN day!  It was drizzling all day long, but we went to visit people and took them apples and turnips from the root cellar. 

We spent time walking along the creekwalk in the park.  It was beautiful even with the drizzle since spring is in full fling with buds and blossoms and bright flowers that I love to smell.

One of the places we visited we met up with some old friends.      

    These three are best buddies.  They are an Australian Cattle Dog, an Aussie and the big white gal is a Great Pyreness. 

So I had a GREAT birthday!

Then today we went to the neighboring state so my humans could have dinner at their favorite restaurant. 

I had a chance to meet the resident Labrador and take a walk around the huge field behind the restaurant.  What fun!!

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