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It's all about something humans call Christmas. 

It's something my humans' call Christmas morning.  This insanity and talk of Christmas has been causing all sorts of goings on in our house for weeks.  There all all sorts of strange things the humans call decorations.

Decorations like the ones on the mantel behind me. 

Then there is the cooking and baking and going places...sometimes even I get to go! 

But, back to my PRESENT!!!!!!  Yes, I don't really understand this Christmas thing with the humans...somebody's birthday...I guess that's why they left me home...so they could go to a birthday party.  (They could have taken me, don't you think?)

But, the present...it had lots of goodies inside!  First I tried holding it with one foot so I could get my tongue WAY down inside it!  The better to taste the goodies.  Yummy.

Then I held it with BOTH paws!!   AHhhhhhhhhhsuccess!!!!!

                             Finally I just needed to rest..........

  I want to share my special card that a Chessie friend in the western mountains sent me!  Don't you just love it!   MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!
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On February 4th, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC), omiandboo commented:
I just now have opened this link again...I love your having posted a picture of Hawkeye with Campbell's card! Love you. T
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