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Back in the mountains again.

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Hi again!  

I followed my human mom around, back and forth, yesterday morning as she put last minute things in the car to bring back to the mountains for decorations. 

Then we were on the road again.  Early.  Just after daybreak. 

I was really miffed when we stopped at my favorite rest stop and there weren't any other dogs and hardly any people there!  I love to show off how I walk on a loose leash right beside my human!  Oh well.

The most disappointing part of the stop was that it was drizzling and had been raining, plus there was fresh hot steamy mulch around all the trees...no smells! except for that steamy woody scent.  There was no way to tell who had been here or when! 

When we stopped again, for my humans to shop, I got out and there was lots of news.  Since my last visit there were lots of new dogs and people that had been there. 

Finally we got back to the mountain house and it was raining again.  I checked out what I could.  I was tired and we settled in for an early supper and to bed. 



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