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Special Day!

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Wow!  What a WIND!  It kept waking me up! 

And more snow!   Yes SNOW!

But it was a special day and the sun came out.  My humans and I went off for a ride in the car.  It was pretty with all the snow. 

I napped and while they went in a building on a hill.  When they came out we headed home where I got to go with my human mom to play.  After awhile we all got back in the car and away we went across the mountains and road along the river for awhile.  We came to a valley and there was no snow, but the mountains stood majestic and white in the background. 

When we got where we were going my humans went in a building for lunch.  Then after lunch, my human mom took me out and we took a walk up through some fields and then came back to a little store.  My nose told me my human dad was in the store, so we stood there while I watched intently for him to come out.   It wasn't long.

Then we all got in the car and off we went again.  We wandered around country roads until we came to another store.  My humans left me to nap and went inside for a little while.  It wasn't long before they came out with a great smelling roast chicken! 

We went back across the mountains and it had snowed more while we were gone.  WOW!  It looked like a fairyland!  (I'm not sure what a fairyland is, but my humans say it is a magical place) 

We turned up the lane to visit some friends who were ill.  Their dogs greated us with much dancing and singing.  One is as Greay Pyreness,

Great Pyrenees dog
one an Australian Cattle Dog Shasta, the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog. Even at 10 years old, she still can’t wait for someone to throw the Frisbee!
and the third is an Australian Shepherd.  Mikey, the Aussie lives with 5 horses, a larger heard of goats and 3 dogs

But DARN!  They took the roast chicken out of the car and into the friends!  Those fink dogs are going to get to share that chicken with their humans and I'm not getting any!!! DARN!

It wasn't long 'til we were home and it was dark.  I was so tired after such a long day on the road that I just curled up in front of the fireplace and went to sleep. 


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