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Special Sundays

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Hi Y’all,





















The marsh grass is getting taller.  Soon we won’t be able to see the water in the wetland. 

Sundays are always special days.  My Humans try to make it a family day that includes me.  Sometimes stuff happening in their Human family or at church force a change…but most of the time it’s me and them!

Sunlight shines like magic through the leaves of cypress trees.

The sun quickly gains height in the sky and the day warms.  Soon it will be too warm, but I’m not complaining.  I’ll just go inside and take a nap.                                

To the left you see me standing in the late morning light. 

When the Humans leave for church I take a long lazy nap.  They always leave the alarm set, so I know if there are any uninvited guests, the alarm will wake me up. 

Stay tuned for more adventures in my training.  Tomorrow we’ll go back to basics.

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