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Got to go to the store and help shop today.

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It was a pretty day, so after our walk and breakfast outside we went to work on practice retrieves.   My humans were acting rushed, so I knew something was happening.  I figured my humans were trying to tire me out so I'd sleep while they were gone.  Was I wrong! 

Instead of going in the usual door, my human mom took me to the garage and put me in my car crate.  I was going!!!  They were taking me!!!

The car started up shortly and away we went.  I didn't know where we were going, but I never do and I don't care.  We're going! 

About an hour later the car stopped and my human mom came around and got me out.  Away we went into the store.  While my human was getting a shopping cart a little terrier came running up to say hello.  I turned around and we had a moment to sniff before his human snatched his lead and took him away.  When we went in the store I trotted politely beside the cart my human pushed.  There were lots of little dogs and a couple GREAT BIG dogs.  A few paid attention to me, but for the most part I was showing off for just my own human.  A couple of people asked my human if I was a chocolate lab?? what's that?  or a labradoodle?? oh well.  My human set them straight.  Soon we had what we needed, my food, and went to a check out counter where a nice lady and my human exchanged comments.  Since no one was paying any attention to me, I stepped out beyond the counter and stopped a couple of nice people who patted me and told me how handsome I am!  I know it, but I love to hear it!  Then my human and I ran the gauntlet of dogs coming and going with their people.  They all wanted to talk to me.  I felt like a celebrity.  I just stayed beside my human and was careful not to pull the lead, since she now had her arms full with my food.  Then we were clear of the store and back at the car.  My human dad wasn't there, so we wandered around and enjoyed the nice weather while we waited.  There were a couple of other stops, but I was napping. 

Late afternoon we got back home and we went for a walk, ate supper and then I was too tired to do anything but sleep...I couldn't wait for my humans to settle down and go to bed, so I went into my crate and sacked out. 

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