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Snow!!! Again! Yippeee!

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Yesterday morning it was still raining and drizzling so my humans let me go to church with them.  More than two days of rain had limited our activities, so I really enjoyed the outing. 

This morning my human mom took me out and looked up at the sky and commented that the stars were out.    Last night my human parents had been discussing that it was supposed to snow.   I was disappointed that there wasn't any snow. 

When we went back in my human mom was making coffee and I noticed the porch was turning white.  WHOOPEEE!  After starting the coffee my human mom looked out and exclaimed that it was snowing!  I could have told her that!  Geeeze! 

Snow doesn't last very long here. 
I have to take advantage of these
lazy days. 

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lazy lazy
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