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Enjoyin’ the day, enjoyin’ the moment!

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I'm ready, are you?  Hi Y’all!

I’m ready to go! Are you?  Back to the farm  Finally!  We’re here! 

Seems like lots of leaves on the ground here…

Just checkin’ things out.  Humans say when you get down in the valley Checkin' things out.  on the other side of the mountains there’s still plenty of colored leaves on the trees.

Humans are so slow...let me get them goin'  Humans are so slow, I gotta go back and get ‘em goin’. 

 Just watchin’  Definitely smell blood 

That’s definitely blood I smell here. Are y'all comin'? Waitin’ for the Humans to catch up.  Still runnin' Kinda hard to be quiet with all the crunchy leaves under paw.  Hawk, yellow leaves and fern11 Lookin’ at yellow leaves and green fern.

Still runnin'  Jumpin' a down tree

Just enjoyin’ the moment. Enjoyin' the moment

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On November 17th, 2010 01:44 am (UTC), ext_260054 commented:
It looks like a great adventure!

Nubbin wiggles,
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