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Human Frailty

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First, for my friend, Mogley G Retriever, let me first show the picture of my back my Human Momma took, as snow and sleet started this past weekend and Momma and I watched the weather move in.  a snow flake and sleet on Hawk's back  Then on Sunday the snow melted and the yard  once more returned to normal.  Let's go in.  It's snowin'!  Which included me carrying my octopus ball. 

I kept hearing and smelling the bear on the ridge above us.  Did you hear something? So far the bear has stayed up there.  The turkey, however, come down every morning, early, and eat the plentiful acorns.  Something has definitely been here! Somethings been here, I smell it.  Oh, well, suns coming up.  It should be a pretty day! Look at the sun on the snowy peak.  Look at the sun on the snowy peaks  Yep!  Gonna be a pretty day!  Maybe I’ll get to go for a hike somewhere, Hawkeye or running at the farm.

Now this brings me to the human frailty.  Monday when the humans finished doing their human stuff, the day was so warm and pretty that we decided to go for a walk at the farm. We haven’t been there since we’ve been back from the shore.  First, we get there and the fellow that my Human Papa let hunt, put a lock on the gate and hadn’t given us a key yet.  So much to my frustration we had to return home to get bolt cutters and a lock of our own.  Finally, we get to start our walk and guess what!  Momma forgot to bring the camera!!!!!!



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