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More shore photos…

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Here is my Human’s garden now, in November.


This next picture is of a pink Hibiscus bloom.  


Here I am waiting while the Humans head the rose bushes.   Then my Human Aunt and Uncle stop for a visit.


We see this bush blooming everywhere this time of year. I think it’s a myrtle but I’ll ask my Human Momma to see if she can find out exactly. 


Ah,Ha!  the Bobtail cat has been here!  Do I hear it? Checking out the pier for where dog or cat invaders have been as well as the feathered inhabitants. 


Maybe if I sneak, I’ll catch the invader Bobtail cat.  But I know if I do my Human Momma will never let me chase it! 


I’m watching the fishing boats from the shore.    



Evening comes quickly now and the sun spotlights the Canna   We have a busy day planned for tomorrow, so I’ll say goodnight now.


If I’ve missed visiting y’all the past few days we’ve been busy, but I hope to catch up this weekend.


Y’all come back now. 

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