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Home Sweet Home Part II

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As I started off in my last post, a lot of stuff happened since Terrific Tuesday. 

Soon the nice day started to cloud over.  And then the clouds got darker.   And darker.    Then it was night and the rains came. 

The next morning the car was loaded with stuff from the root cellar and my suitcase…YEH! got my own suitcase!  A trip!  Whoopie! 

We had breakfast and started off just before daybreak.  My Human Momma was driving slowly because the twisty mountain roads were wet and often covered with wet leaves.  If you go off lots of times there are no guard rails and it just drops.  Sometimes it’s scary. 

After daybreak my Humans decided we all needed to stretch our legs.  Momma got this picture before Papa rushed us into the car and off again.  We made several more stops, but while we all got to stretch, this was the only picture the Humans took. 

You can see how the sky is starting to get blue spots and the clouds laying in the valley beyond with the mountains we just left rising in the distance. 

Then finally we got back to the shore!  And I got to run around and check things out.  It was hot though and I was soon ready to go inside and have a nice drink of water. 

* * *