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Home Sweet Home

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Lots of stuff has happened since I posted about Terrific Tuesday! 

After my post Tuesday morning, we rushed out underneath storm clouds and winds and took a chance on a hike.  You can see how the leaves are thinning out.  But it is still beautiful!  There is enough color and contrast to feel the enchantment of the season.  Here I am waiting while the humans take some more photos. Sometimes I get the devil in me!  Or maybe just change into a fox!   But all the slopes and hills eventually even cause me to pause and walk. Yeh, that’s my tongue hangin’ out.  You can see a lot more of the countryside when the leaves come off.  Once I get my breath, I’m off again! Then my Humans found this boulder standing above the rest with an old tree stump still on it.  Since the ground is pretty much nothing but rock, the Humans depend on the leaves and rain to make top soil so grass and stuff will grow.  Since my Humans stopped to look at the boulder, I had to check it out thoroughly.  Don’t know what’s so facinatin’ about it.   Don’t see anything here on the trail either.  And now here is my Halloween color And a close up. And a couple other close up shots.           And now for the question of the day. Is it a parachute?  Is it a UFO?    Or did some falling leaves just get in the picture? 

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