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Yesterday was a busy day!  Sunday we had been to town to walk, so yesterday we decided to go back to the farm!  At the park I met a couple of other dogs.  One was old and ignored me and the other wasn’t quite so old, but did nothing but bark at me. 

I did several runs of joy once out of the car!  Here I am flying back down the trail, grinning all the while. 

Then the Humans went home and while I napped made soup to take to an ailing friend.  At the last minute I got to go along.  I napped in the car while they went in and visited.  Afterward I got to run around the farm fields and check out the smells before we came home. 

Today I’m going to go to the farm again and then I’ve got to help unload apples and potatoes into the cold cellar.

See y’all later!  Have a great day!  I will!

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