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I have to remember how lucky I am!

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Hi again y’all,


Sometimes it’s so hard to remember, especially when the humans go someplace without me or it’s raining and nobody does much. I was especially put out yesterday…poor suffering me…it rained the day before and we didn’t do anything, then yesterday the humans left me home and didn’t come back ‘til after my supper time!!


But I get ahead of myself.  Let me take you back to Thursday. My human Mom and I went jogging, but she wore out on me and used excuses to stop, like taking these pictures along our route.

P1010001 Yes, I have a tail! It’s waving!!  P1010002 First color in the trees.  P1010003 P1010004 This is an old farm shed and wild flowers. And then we saw these two giant big eared dogs watching us from the safety  P1010005  Then Friday it was raining. Here we are on our early morning yard walk. P1010011  P1010012 P1010013 Later it was still raining but we went out to play a little anyway.  Here I wait, along with Momma’s cup of coffee for the release command.  P1010009 P1010010 I was gettin’ damp and wanted to go inside. I was so glad when I saw the signal to go in!  I beat Momma there!  P1010017 So, anyway that brings us to this morning.  I’ve had my walk and read about some of these other poor Chessies in something called Rescue…and they have awful painful things wrong with them and their families deserted them in their hour of need. 


If you wanta find out more about Chessies as a breed or help Chessie Rescue stop by their Website at CBR Rescue.


And to think I complained because supper was late.


Y’all come back now! 



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On October 19th, 2010 01:53 pm (UTC), ext_290988 commented:
Hey, Brown Dog, you seem to have it made.
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