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Hi again y’all!


Thanks for stoppin’ by.


What a great time autumn is!  It’s cooling off so I get to go more when the humans go. 


 Here is where we were going yesterday.P1010023  P1010027 See the dark on the rocks…that’s water running down.  I hear the humans callin’ them “weepin rocks”.  Always wonder what they are sad about.


And here I am! P1010035 Just sittin alongside the road checkin’ things out.   There is a tree that has already turned color, right there in the middle P1010036of the picture.


 Here I am in the apple orchard. P1010046P1010042 Those are apple crates and a sprayer behind me.  



Then to end a perfect day God got out His paint brush and produced this painting.  P1010012

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On September 17th, 2010 11:33 pm (UTC), ext_260054 commented:
Welcome To PBU!
You are a very handsome pup!

Thank you for joining Pet Blogs United. Please don't forget to e-mail us with pictures, You Tube movie links & 3 of your favorite posts so you can be featured all over our site.

Nubbin wiggles,
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