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We haven't been doing much this summer.  It's really, really been too hot.  Even here in the mountains. Mornings, even if it is only in the high 50's or 60's, have been very humid.  One morning it was 70 degrees when we got up.  That would be below normal at the shore, but not here.

Mostly I've just layed around.  We went to the park a few times.  Once I met up with my friend and the humans walked and talked, and the two of us just walked along together enjoying the scents. 

This is what it looks like in the morning as the clouds from the night storms are still settled over the valley. 

Sometimes we just lay on the porch, well the humans sit in chairs, and watch the sun creep beyond the mountains. 


Then there are the times that the storms rattle around the mountains all day. 


Then I get fascinated with the butterflies!  You've never seen so many butterflies!  Sometimes you walk into them, or they fly into you.


Then I stepped on a BEE!!!   Here I am waiting for the humans to come with medicine to stop the burning!!   

Here I am playing before it gets too hot. 

   Yep!  It's early morning. 

 I know all my friends will be ecstatic when the heat breaks.  I just hope it doesn't mean another frigid winter!  The humans don't do well on ice and snow, and to be honest neither do I!  But then we don't get that stuff at the shore. 

See y'all soon!  Stay cool! 

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