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June at the waterfront.

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We went to the mountains for a couple of weeks.  We were all sad that we had to come back to the low country.  This picture is of the human's flower garden they left behind in the mountains.

Here I am on the mountain relaxing while thehumans enjoy the rhododendron blooms.   Here I  am enjoying the adulation of my adoring public.  Well, I do get lots of attention! 

Back at the waterfront I pose on the pier...you didn't think that I'd let them take a picture of a daylilly and not me did you? 
Below I pull one of the balls off the tree for the humans to throw!  We have 2 trees that grow lots and lots of balls!  They bounce if you pick them at the right time!  If you wait too long your teeth sorta sink into them, but they're sweet.

Below are the parent geese and baby geese that share my yard.

  No, I'm not allowed to chase them!  I can't chase the cats that stray into my yard either.

Above is the flower garden here in the low country. 
Sigh, have to go now.  See you around later.  Hope the humans hurry up and go back to the high country where it's cool.

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