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More fun and travel!

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Bow, wow, wow!  Had to go to the mountains so my humans could plant their bedding plants.  Last time it was March and the leaves were just beginning to green.   When we went back for a week from mid to late May, it was summer.  The Rhododendrons were blooming, but most of the spring blooms were over.  However, above us, about 6000 ft, the leaves were just coming out. The Rhododendrons won't bloom up there until June.

Below is picture of me sniffing the air for wild turkey and the three bears that live above us on the ridge. 

The toy I have is my favorite for the mountains.  Why you ask?  The humans tend to make a wild throw from time to time and the toy ends up going over the cliff where neither the humans or I can retrieve it.  So far the humans have not managed to loose this one.  It doesn't go as far, but I can catch it mid air.  I'm actually thinking I might be good enough to play out field in softball season! 

I met some new friends on the way home.  One was a lady Pomeranian.  The other was a cute Schnauzer.  At a rest stop we visited with some human friends of my humans.  Amazing who you meet or see at rest stops. 

Here is a picture from one of our early morning walks back in the low country.  As you can see we have to walk at dawn's early light or it gets too hot!

 You have to look really, really hard to see me!  Below is the picture as we are heading home.

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