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April came and went and I barely noticed we were so busy!

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It’s barely light. The air is heavy with the smell of honeysuckle, myrtle and jasmine. The song birds are calling in their sopranos, the wading birds lending their tenors and bass while the frogs lend a cacophony of symbols and drums. Nothing is more beautiful whether you are human or animal. Slowly the water turns from black to brown to deep blue , and deep green leaves tip with gold as the first rays of sun light a path across my own little bit of heaven.
It’s a cool morning, so we’re heading out for our walk. When we return I’ll finish this missive.
Wow! Just awakened from a nap. Yawn!! Back to my lost month…
The month of April escaped without my realizing it! The humans were busy and I was along for the fun.
We left winter quarters and went to the mountains to keep an appointment.
We were only gone a little over a week and we were back in winter quarters. 
Below are pictures of some of the fun we've been having!
Here I am supervising as my human does "people stuff" in the garage before we go play.Checking to see who or what has been perching on my pier.  Eyes on my human.
Now for the real action!  Going in search of my toy.
Retrieving my toy!Bringing my toy for the human to throw.

Well folks!  I'm worn out...lets go inside for a nap!   See you next time! 

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