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Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!

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As you can see, I've been on the go!! Just like the month, March

This is the waterfront on an early March morning.

You have to start early. Below I am watching the geese.

Above I am out on the pier checking things out while I wait for the okay to dive in!  The picture immediately above I am waiting for the human to hurry up and come on!  You can see the spring color in the trees across the water.


Above I'm playing on fetch on my lawn.

Below I'm retrieving my toy after returning from a walk.

Below I check a strange scent.

Here I am directing the driver.  I love the breeze in my ears!!


Above I'm having a grand time playing with my birthday present!!!! 

Sounds of spring...migratory birds so loud you can't think.

Laughing gulls laughing in the dark until you think you are in a crazy place.  Below the gulls are feeding at sunrice.

Below is some of our blooming bushes in our yard.  The early azaleas are done, but now the dogwood, whisteria and late azaleas are blooming.  These were taken late March.

Have to go now.  I leave y'all with this warm spring thought...it's on it's way!

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