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Good Days and Bad

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Oh most days are good, but some days just don't make a boy happy...

Tuesday started out as a great day... yea, yea, the SUV loaded up and off we went before daylight!  We made our usual stops for exercise and checking who's been there recently.  We also made a stop we haven't made in awhile.  The humans said it has been closed...but lots of new great smells! 

The day was warm and sunny, so the humans were happy too. 

Then we made a stop at a place that had lots and lots of dog smells.  At the front door was a fake stone dog!  Inside there were lots more fake dogs everywhere, but there were happy dogs leaving.  I know what a vet's office smelled like, but this one was different.  My vet has lots of pretty young girls who just love me...well this one did too, but...

I knew nothing good was going to happen here...and it didn't.  I remember meeting the doctor who stuck something in my butt and then said my temperature was elevated a little.  Then he took me away from my humans.  I tried to plead with them to take me with them, but they weren't looking and they left.   I don't remember much after that, but I remember being confused when we got to the mountain house and trying to stay awake but I couldn't.  My humans kept saying something about anesthesia...whatever that is...

Anyway, I'm feeling much, much better, although I still have to take pills...they say it's an antibiotic. 

I hear the human's talking about taking me back for a check-up Tuesday, then we're going back to the waterfront.  Yippee!  I hope they forget to stop for the check-up part. 

It was snowing this morning and the mountaintops are white.  

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