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Back to snow country!

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It was a beautiful sunny day, but the winds were steady with unbelievable gusts.  We loaded up the truck, but I road in the cab instead of the kennel in the bed.  I enjoyed listening to the music and the humans' conversation as we headed north. 

We stopped for an appointment my humans had.  Then we stopped again for the humans to eat.  I got to get out and check things out, but no offer to share the goodies was made.  But I'm used to that.  I get special treats of my own and sticking to my regular food keeps my tummy happy. 

Finally the mountains came into view.  The sun was getting low, but the sky was still clear and the cars were driving below the speed limit because of the wind, but there was hardly any traffic heading north.

We decided to keep going. The weather was still clear but there were incredible head winds.

Tuesday night the humans had called our next door neighbor who said we had 6 inches in our driveway since our last visit, but he'd have it cleared out for us. 

It was dusk when we reached the base of the first mountain and snow started to flash in the headlights. As we headed up the mountain, the roads started to look wet and we realized it hadn't been treated. 

Traffic coming down the mountain was crawling.

We stopped at a little church that sits part way up and it looked like it was on the right.  It was on the left, but we stopped and the humans switched drivers. 

By the time we reached the top the temperature had dropped to twenty degrees and the road was solid black ice.  You could feel the truck slipping, but God kept us safe. 

We crossed the mountain and headed to our town and then started up our mountain road to the gap above our house..  The snow was deeper, the road unploughed and only one other set of tire tracks in the middle.  In 4 wheel drive we started up, kept  watch for something coming the other way because the humans wanted to stay in the middle too.  You couldn't see the sides of the road and if we went off there are no guard rails.  We made it all the way to the house without meeting another vehicle.

Our neighbor had cleaned out the driveway and the sidewalk, so the new snow didn't stop the truck from climbing right up into the garage. 

Shortly after our arrival all the family had phoned to make sure we'd made it up okay.  (Either they have radar or ??)  They said it had been snowing and blowing there all day. 

The humans have 2 appointments tomorrow, two the following day and we have a couple of appointments up here next week, then we're heading home. 

Heavy snow keeps us from seeing the mountains still above us.
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