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I hope all my friends had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I did!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving day dawned beautiful and sunny. My humans promised to spend the day being thankful for ME! Usually they leave me home and go spend the day with other humans they call "family"! Well, I am family too! They really did make it up to me!

I love to run free. I do get to do it when we are at home, either here or the mountains, but in the mountains when we go for family walks I have to wear a leash! Something about the "law". Here there are places we can go and I can run 'til all I want to do is lay down and sleep!

The day dawned beautiful!

Fishermen went out early. Both humans, egrets and herons!

First I checked out all the pretty colors and new scents in the yard. Then I had to supervise the meal...as you can see.
Did something drop? Have to remind the humans I'm available for sampling!

Then it was off for that promised run!!!
Isn't it a beautiful day!

Too soon it was evening! Even the sunset was beautiful!!!!!
And then it was night.
Southeastern US:
Southeastern US
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