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Home again, home again jiggy a de, jig.

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Home again, home again, jiggy a de, jog...

I just can't get that song out of my head!!! Despite the Christmas Carols the humans insisted on playing on the radio the entire trip!

Water, water everywhere!!!! I couldn't wait to run down the pier and check it out!!!! Whooppeee!!!!

I was so excited I kept waking the humans during the night. My human mom took me out a couple times, then finally opened the window and told me I'd have to sniff the air until it was time to get up!! Geesss!!!! Humans have no sense of adventure!

I'll get the humans to snap some more pics during our stay and post them soon.

In the meantime, let me update you on my adventures before we left...we spent a whole day over the mountain...we walked along the river. Then we rode to someplace and parked. The weather was cool, but the windows were open and my fan was running, so I slept. W

When the humans came back, we took another ride and parked again while the humans got lunch. I could smell the food on them when they came back even if I couldn't have smelled the food cooking while I waited.

But the good part? I got another walk...in ALL NEW TERRITORY!!! There were other dogs in cars waiting for their humans too. I just strutted around trying to make them jealous.

But then it was off to the store to pick up a couple quick things...but, aha! I got to walk again!!...I'd walked here before, but there weren't many smells because of the overnight rains. Oh, well...

Then we rode home.

The next day I didn't get to go anywhere because the humans were busy. That was alright because I needed to rest for the trip home to the water yesterday.

Until the humans take me on some more adventures...guess I'll nap now so I'll be ready.

Later folks!

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