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Been so busy!! Haven't had time to write...

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Let me update you on all my adventures since my last entry.  We went back home and had some lazy days.  It was warm and our walks were mostly on the top of the dam.  On cooler days I got to run below where the alligators and snakes like to sun.
The top picture is me in the living room with my football.  The next I am taking my morning walk along the shore...yep foggy this time of year.  Then on top of the dam.  In the bottom picture I am running below the dam on a cool morning.  That's my favorite thing!

After a couple of weeks at home my humans decided it was still too hot for me there, so we came back to the mountains.

Even I was cold when we got back...see the snow on the mountains?  

Thank heaven for fireplaces!!!!!!!!!

Here I am at the farm in the mountains.  I'm supervising the mowing. 

Here I am on a walk in the park enjoying the beautiful colored leaves.There is a leash law in the park...soooo I have to wear my check cord.  If no one is around, my humans let me go free, but I have to drag the lead.  I also get to play Frisbee. 

One day, when I was playing Frisbee, I came up underneath and instead of catching it, I bumped it in the middle.  The Frisbee flew off in a different direction and went behind me.  I wheeled in circles and didn't see it.  My human said "behind you".  I turned and there it was, so I brought it back.  As we were walking back to the car she tells my other human "that's not a command I've ever taught him!" 

Hello!!!!Humans!!!! You don't think we understand what you say...but oh we do!!!!!
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