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Been busy working.

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The last few days I have been busy helping my humans.  We've been mostly around home doing chores.  Some where boring.  I'll share a few of the more interesting things we did.

Beside the creek

Here I was down by the creek.  We all walk several times a day.  It is good for your health, you know.  Everyone needs lots of regular exercise, at least walking.  You know, walking is very important for dogs because we do lots of it in the wild in order to find food. 


Fortunately for me, we have more civilized ways of getting food. 
You know all this cooking just wears me out!  It's worth it if you want good stuff to eat.  Being a retriever, I love to eat. 

at the orchard

We had to make a trip to the orchard to get more apples and potatoes.  They'll go in our root cellar and last us all winter. 

apple tree

Look at these apples! Yum! I get in trouble, but I'm always trying to snitch one.  Did you know the apple seeds are not supposed to be good for dogs? So my humans don't want me to snitch.

bumper find

See me there on the bank?  I'm finding one of the bumpers set around.   My humans think they can confuse me?  They give me directions to where the bumpers are hidden!  Gees!  My nose does the rest!  Don't they know that the bumper doesn't smell like the grass and earth?  Don't they know they leave their scent on it?  But why should I care?  I'm a retriever and they purr "good dog, good boy" when I bring it back.  Then they just toss it for me and I get to run and get it.  That earns more praise!  I love praise!  Doesn't everyone, even humans?

bringing in the apples

Remember I told you about going to the orchard and getting the apples and potatoes for the root cellar?  Here I am helping to bring some from the root cellar to the house. 

I guess it's time for another nap, so I'll sign off for now. 


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