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Rain, days of rain!

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Rain clouds have been mostly heavy in the sky, but occasionally the sun has peaked through and we have all piled into the car and gone to town to walk. 

It's been "hurry, hurry before it starts raining again!" 

Yesterday and today I got to play Frisbee in the park!  Whoopee!!! 

Today was extra special because we had to go over a mountain to the next town to get me food...I was almost out...and get more ear cleaner.  The humans needed something from the store too.  So my human mom took me to a BIG field and let me investigate all the new, great smells!! 

Then we did some obedience work...until it was time to get in the car and go home...I slept ALL the way home.  I'm so tired now that I'm not even pestering for super.  Who'd 'a thought!

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