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Bear Ridge has a bear and cub.

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Hi everyone, just a quick note to update. 

Got to the park again today.  My humans played Frisbee with me today. 

When we got home a friend came over and warned us about the bear with a cub on top of the ridge behind our house...hmmm...we have a honey tree in the front yard...don't bears love honey??

I've been trying to tell the humans that there were strange sounds and smells up top of the ridge...they don't listen! 

Take the other night for instance...I kept trying to get them up because the Monitor (a permanent radiator type supplemental heat supply) had had a power interruption and was beeping. The humans got up several times and looked around outside, but the problem was inside!  Finally, it beeped when one of them was next to it...then we all got to get some sleep.

I think my human mom knows that something on the ridge is bothering me, but now we all know what it is.  

Talk to y'all again soon.  Hawk. 

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