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another great day in the life of Dog

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Today was another great day in the life of Dog...That's me!  (Sometimes they call me Dog.) 

When the humans arrived home from the place they call church, they changed and ate dinner.  I thought we'd spend a lazy afternoon on the porch, but instead we all piled in the car and off we went to the farm. 

The farm is off of a dirt road and my human mom and I got out and walked a good part of it while my human dad drove ahead and opened the gate. We all hiked out, following the dirt track, until it was blocked by large fallen trees and beyond had overgrown. I stopped to sniff at the cattle...smelly creatures...a small one, not much taller than me, was very shy and hid behind the big ones. 

From there we went to visit my friends...well, my humans and their
humans are friends. 
This is Sissy, She and Blue

Then back home...woof!!  I was starving!!!  I eat at 6AM and 4PM and it was 6PM when we arrived back home!!!  About time, I'd say. 

After supper we went outside to walk and play...then inside to lay around for an hour until time for my Kong...

Now I'm calling it BEDTIME!!  Everybody!!!! Let's go to bed!!!
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