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Met a nasty dog today.

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We went for our walk this morning along the creek walk.  Along the way we met a little Jack Russell terrier wearing a collar.  She was alone. 

We hadn't seen any other dogs out and about this morning.   Any time we see other dogs, they are always with a human.  The Jack Russell wasn't accompanied by any humans. 

Now I admit that I was excited when I saw her.  I jumped up and bowed down and barked to try to entice her to play.  However, she rushed in and growled and snapped at me.  My human thought I might have frighted her because I am so much bigger.  So I tried sitting.  She came up like she would be friendly.  I stood up and tried to do the normal polite doggy hello.  Instead she snarled at me.  I was lucky my human mom didn't see me, but I gave her a silent snarl back.  If she was going to be nasty, I wanted to warn her off in a hurry.  She wheeled and ran off. 

Finally, after following politely at a distance, she gave up and left.  I'd let her know in no uncertain terms that I no longer wanted anything to do with such a rude dog.
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