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Rainy Day

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I slept in this morning.  I lay in my crate and watched my human mom fix breakfast.  I'd been listening to the rain most of the night so I knew there would be no hikes or long walks through the town and park. 

When my human dad came in for breakfast, I yawned, stretched and emerged slowly from my room (crate).  My human mom smiled and asked if I wanted to go out.  She opened the door for me and out I went. 

There wasn't much out there in the way of interesting smells because of the rain, so I quickly took care of morning ablutions (I heard my humans say something like that once) and hurried back to the door to be let in.  My humans were watching for me because of the rain and let me in right away. 

The morning was lazy.  I had breakfast after my humans.  Then afterward my human mom noticed the rain had let up to a drizzle.  She grabbed a rain jacket and outside we went to walk and practice.  We were working near the house, having finished an abbreviated walk, and I had just gone out for my second retrieve and had a short fetch thrown as a reward for a good return when the rain started to come down with a vengeance.  I heard my human Dad call for us.  We were running as fast as my human mom could.  I kept bouncing along beside her trying to look up and encourage her to go faster. 

Inside my human mom toweled me dry and then I lay down while while she did chores.  We practiced down stays and sit stays while she changed the bed and did wash. 

The day dragged as I wandered in and out between harder showers.  Finally, it was super time and I got up and followed while super was fixed and my humans ate.  Then I sat while my super was fixed and I went into my room (crate) and sat politely until the food was put in front of me.  After my humans finished cleaning up from super, my human mom decided to try to go for a walk with me.  It was still raining, but just lightly.  We walked and jogged for awhile and then came back and did a little obedience and then played fetch.

We went in and my human settled down to help me update my diary.  You know how hard it is to punch those little keys with my big paws. 

Well, I'm tired.  I'm going to sleep now.  Good night.
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