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Rain, rain, rain!!! STILL

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It's almost 8 PM here and finally a little sunshine.  It's a delightfully cool and breezy 71 degrees. 

Earlier today we all jumped in the "people mobile" and headed to town.  Just about the time we arrived, there was a huge clap of thunder, the trees looked like they were going to BLOW away, then the rain came in sheets!  We came home without getting a walk. POOH!

I haven't been able to keep ya'll posted because the cord to my laptop broke and the humans had to go get me a new one!  However, you didn't miss much because it has been so WET! 

We did get up on the mountain a couple of days ago. It's really blooming with spring flowers! 

The humans say "don't complain" about the rain, because of the severe drought we've been under here in the Southeast for a couple of years, we need ALL the RAIN we can get.



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