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Rainy Day but still fun!

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Yesterday was a disappointment.  We went for a walk at the creek but before we got to the field where we play, it started pouring.  It was a terrible thunderstorm.  We all got wet, but not too bad.  We all got into the car before it really started blowing and pouring in waves!  My humans decided it was going to be too wet to wait and try to finish our walk, so we went home as soon as they could see to drive.

Today started off with nasty thunder and lightning with heavy rain.  I had trouble going out to pee without drowning.  Leads me to wonder why the humans don't have a place for "the Dog" to "go" in the house.  They "go" in the house!  Finally, early afternoon, my humans noticed that the downpour had let up and it was much brighter in the "gap".  So rushing, off we all went to walk along the creek. 

This time my humans took me to play in the field first.  Yippee!  Then we finished our walk, our entire walk! 

When we got back home it grew dark and the thunder and lightening started again along with pounding rain.  I didn't care!  I'd had my fun and was ready for a nap anyway.  My humans didn't care either! 
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