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Any time my water bottle is put on my house I know my humans are going out and I won't be invited.  It took me awhile to figure out that if I'm good and go into my house without being asked, not only will something yummy be forthcoming, but something great will happen soon after they come home.

Friday evening my humans got dressed up and put the water on my house. I quickly went in and waited for my yummy treat.  I got one from both of my humans.  They left.  I went to sleep.

In the middle of a great dream I heard my humans and some strange voices.  I saw a strange pair of humans come in with my humans.  Wow did I raise a ruckus!  My house started moving!  The strange woman leaned over and talked to me, even though my humans told her to just take a seat. 

Once I realized these people had been invited...and I was soon to realize that they had been invited just to admire and pat me!  When my humans let me out of my house I rushed over to soak up ALL the attention! 

I had one anxious moment when the man started asking about my grooming requirements.  I was temporarily concerned that I might have to go to live with them!  NOT GOOD!  So I decided the best course was to ignore them and lay down with my rear toward where they were sitting.  It worked.  Soon they left and left me with my humans!


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