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Another FAB day!

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One day just keeps gettin' better than the next, let me tell you! 

Of course, being Pentecost Sunday...whatever that means, my humans hurried off to church this morning leaving me listening the Southern Gospel station on the radio.  However, it gave me a good chance to nap and get prepared for a fun afternoon.  It was beautiful and sunny so I knew my humans wouldn't be staying inside. 

How well do I know my humans?  As soon as dinner was over we were off.   It was chilly here, and I heard my human dad tell my human mom it was definitely "shorts" weather.  Right away I knew we weren't going on up the mountain. 

We went to town, but Mom took my "AeroDog"!  Whoopee!   We parked by the creek in the shade and Mom carried "AeroDog".  When we got up to the kid's soccer field she turned my loose and threw the "AeroDog" for me.  It's really a challenge because when it hits the ground it bounces ever so high and every which-away, sometimes even somersaulting! 

Then, since it was so much hotter than at home, and I got hot quick with all that exertion, it was down INTO the creek for a quick drink and to stand and cool off.  Then we went for a walk all around the town.  By now it was after 4PM.  Dad got in the car and drove off and Mom and I sat in the shade and I waded in the creek.

Then Mom got up and we started some schooling lessons.  I had to keep looking up at her to see what she wanted next. 

Then after lots of hugs and pats, so I knew I'd done everything like she wanted, we started back up toward the soccer field.  I knew Mom was still carrying the AeroDog and I was hoping she'd throw it some more...and she did!!!!!!!!!!!! 

She turned me loose and all the way along the walk she kept tossing AeroDog out into the open fields for me!!!  Between throws she'd call me over in the shade to cool down!  

Then when we got back to the last spot I could get into the creek, we went down and I drank, waded, then my human Mom made me stand while the icy water rushed around my legs and cooled me down. 

We left the creek and went over and rested under some shade trees, then we went up to where my human Dad had gone to visit his sister.

When we got back home it was 13 degrees cooler than it had been in town!  No wonder I was so hot!!!


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