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Best day ever!!!!

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Got back up to the mountain today!!!!!! I think of it as "my mountain", even though I have to share it with other dogs, yeah, and people too.  Anyway,  although it was clear here, it was misty and damp when we got up there.  The trees up there are just starting to leaf out and bloom.  Even though the azaleas are finished blooming and the Rhododendrons are pretty much done blooming in town, at this elevation it will be a few more weeks, like mid June before they even start. 

After a couple mile walk, we climbed back in the people car and my human dad drove real, real slow so I could get my whole nose out the window and get all the good smells.  Then we turned off on a gravel road I'd never been on.  We drove for miles back up under where we had just been on the top.  Then my human mom got out and took me with her.  My human dad had to drive the car, but mom and me jogged and walked for several miles.  Twice we stopped to check out waterfalls.  Then we came to a stream where I could get down in without falling off a cliff.  I got to wade and drink that icy crystal clear mountain water!  I'd had some at the top from the dog water fountain, but this was MUCH better...but wow was it cold on my feet!  I lost track of how far we went before we met up with dad and got back in the car. 

Next we stopped at the little store that has been there for a hundred or so years and I got to get out again.  Last time there was a neighbor dog there, but this time there wasn't. 

Wow...just keeps gettin' better!

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