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I am a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. We are called browndogs by those who know and love us.  We are also called Chessies and CBRs.  We are active working dogs.  We love to please, but can get bored if not kept busy.

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retriever, dog, pets, CBR, Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Q and A Time



Hi Y’all!


I haven’t been getting many of you asking about things lately.

Love all the comments and always welcome questions. 

My Chessie friends at 2browndawgs have actually seen a couple of deaf dogs work doing retriever training for hunt tests.  They can’t hear a whistle, but they are great at marking and retrieving. 

Oh, yes, Scrappy, Chloe & Twiggy  the snow is pretty much GONE!  There is some in the woods and in the shade of the ridges and mountains and at the north end of the house.  It was in the 50’s today and it will be 60’s tomorrow. 

Hoapie  I know you were confused about the snow.  Here in in the southeastern mountains you get snow on one side of the mountain and at different elevations you get different amounts.  We got our snow in two fronts.  It came and then stopped and the sun came out and melted most of ours, then the next day the rest of it arrived with a vengeance.  Now it’s warmed up again.  The cold frosty feet thawed out so I could write. 

Bert and Goose out in the Rockies want to know why everyone but them has snow.  I can’t answer that one.  If any of you can answer, click on their names and tell them. 

Y’all come back now!



retriever, dog, pets, CBR, Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Are You Having Problems Commenting on Blogspot?


Problems with Blogger Comments 


Y’all may have been having some problems commenting. I’ve been having trouble on any blog that has the comments beneath the post on the same page. I have fixed mine to a “pop up” which seems to work.

If you are using Blogger in Draft remove the check. Don’t worry, you can go back after fixing comments. You’ll find the check located just beneath your avatar in the the upper left hand corner.

Then reload blogger dashboard. It will now be the old one.

Click on the Design tab.

Click on the Settings tab.

Click on the Comments tabs.

Change the mark to “pop up”

Save your changes.

Return to Dashboard.


To reinstate Blogger in Draft go to bottom of page under “Tools and Resources”. Click on Blogger in Draft. When the Blogger in Draft page appears, put the check mark back in “make my default”.

Hope this helps. It’s been driving lots of us crazy.

Thank you What Dogs Do (HERE) and Never Say Never Greyhounds (HERE) for giving me a “heads up” about this problem.

We are always available through

retriever, dog, pets, CBR, Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Special Sundays


Hi Y’all,





















The marsh grass is getting taller.  Soon we won’t be able to see the water in the wetland. 

Sundays are always special days.  My Humans try to make it a family day that includes me.  Sometimes stuff happening in their Human family or at church force a change…but most of the time it’s me and them!

Sunlight shines like magic through the leaves of cypress trees.

The sun quickly gains height in the sky and the day warms.  Soon it will be too warm, but I’m not complaining.  I’ll just go inside and take a nap.                                

To the left you see me standing in the late morning light. 

When the Humans leave for church I take a long lazy nap.  They always leave the alarm set, so I know if there are any uninvited guests, the alarm will wake me up. 

Stay tuned for more adventures in my training.  Tomorrow we’ll go back to basics.

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I’ve been on the move lately without much chance to update my blog.  Guess I'll be a little scarce between now and next week. 


In the meantime y'all stay happy and well. Take good care of y'alls Humans.  I know y'all  will have a very Merry, Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all!
   Hawk aka BrownDog


P.S.  Below I share Christmas’ past.  Those are my very own Christmas cards from my very own Human cousin in Colorado!  Thanks again Auntie T!



Me with my very own Christmas card!      '


Here's a yummy fell out.


Hawkeye with his Christmas card from our nieces Chessie in Colorado.

retriever, dog, pets, CBR, Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Oh what a beautiful morning!

We had an ice storm on top of our snow Wednesday.   The higher mountain gaps were closed to traffic.   We had to cross the mountains Thursday and yesterday.   Strangely it was much warmer up here than in the valleys.  There were hairy moments and I got to go in case the Humans couldn’t make it back home in the evening.  Weather makes for some beautiful mornings! 

enjoying the sunrise    dawn's early light


clouds like a roll of cotton